Membership Packages & Benefits

Members join the SC Asia-America Chamber of Commerce for many different reasons. SCAACC wants to provide you with more membership choices and greater value. In order to serve you and your individual or business needs with programs and services that will assist you in your success, SCAACC offers the following memberships and benefits:

Please select the Membership Package below that will best meet your needs.

Friends of SCAACC

Social Memberships

  • $25 Student
  • $50 Individual
  • $75 Family
  • $40 Retired Individual
  • $60 Retired Couple


  • Personal Networking Opportunities
  • Learn about the culture and customs of Asia and America.
  • Participate in social activities, group trips and outings
  • Build friendships with the local Asian & Int’l community.
  • Taste delicious Asian and other Int’l foods
  • Opportunities to practice an Asian language or English.
  • Invitations to SCAACC Special Events



Business / Non-Profit / Corporate Memberships

$ 150    GATEWAY

(Special Rate Only for Gov’t / Non-Profits / Schools)

Note: You may also choose a different package at the prices below

  • Includes all of the above benefits, plus:
  • Business Networking Opportunities
  • Business & Cultural Programs
  • Educational Connections to Universities in China
  • Opportunity to include member events and programs
  • Member events promoted on SCAACC Website
  • Member Discounts to SCAACC programs and events





  • Includes all of the above benefits, plus:
  • Special Opportunities to meet distinguished guests
  • Attend SCAACC Asia Investment Tours to S.C.
  • Inclusion in Business Referrals
  • Contribute articles about a topic or issue to SCAACC’s Blog
  • Opportunity to host Business Connection events and programs
  • Annual subscription to SCAACC e-publication, “Asia Book”
  • Invitations to Asian Investor V.I.P. Reception Dinners





  • Includes all of the above benefits, plus:
  • Export Liaison Service
  • Meet and Greet Events with foreign delegations
  • Chinese business protocol and etiquette assistance
  • Business Matchmaking Opportunities
  • Access to local Asian Interpreters and Translators
  • Eligible to be a guest panelist for an Asia Investment Tour to S.C.
  • Eligible to provide a company tour for visiting Asian Investors


  • Includes all of the above benefits, plus:
  • Global Assistance in navigating business challenges in China
  • Connections to Key Industry Representatives in Asia
  • Assistance in organizing Business Exploration Trips
  • Eligible for Business Chinese Language Assistance
  • Overseas Trade Show Connections
  • Assistance with securing Interpreters in China
  • Network of Global Business Connections


* If you need any assistance in choosing a membership package, please contact us at: (864) 322-3790.