Business Matchmaking in S.C.


Business Matchmaking in S.C.

SCAACC provides Business Matchmaking as another avenue to help its members prosper and grow, and help promote Asia investment in S.C. This service is offered to members from Asia and S.C.

Through this service, SCAACC matches potential investors and business owners from Asia with companies in South Carolina for investment and business opportunities. These groups get to meet “face-to-face” in S.C.

SCAACC arranges private, one-on-one business meetings for both parties to connect and explore potential investment and business opportunities; whether for direct investment, direct sales, representation, or joint ventures.

SCAACC members from Asia have the opportunity to meet with a number of pre-screened S.C. companies, all at the same venue, and S.C. companies have the opportunity to increase their chances of finding the right international business partner.