Asia Investment in S.C.


Asia Investment in S.C.

SCAACC serves as a business bridge connecting S.C. and Asia for business and investment opportunities. Asia Investment in S.C. is one of SCAACC’s initiatives to help foster connections of international commerce and business between S.C. and Asia, and help promote economic development in S.C.

Through this initiative, SCAACC creates new avenues to attract and encourage foreign Asian investment and business in S.C., and promote cultural understanding and cooperation.

SCAACC believes that foreign Asian investment and business in S.C. can lead to more economic activity, the creation of new jobs, and increased income.

Avenues can include:

  • International Investment Tours to S.C.
  • Trade Shows
  • Business Matchmaking in S.C.
  • International Sister City Partnerships
  • Cultural, economic, and educational exchanges