Business Exploration Trips


Business Exploration Trips*

(*currently offered for China and Myanmar)

SCAACC provides Business Exploration Trips for SC-member businesses wanting to sell their products or services in Asia.

Through this service, SCAACC sets up opportunities for SC-member businesses to visit particular areas in Asia and meet directly with potential Asian buyers. SCAACC can also help facilitate the connection between all parties.

SC-member businesses have the opportunity to make presentations about their products or services to key Asian buyers in the requested industry.

Business Exploration Trips are customized to meet the needs of SCAACC members.

SCAACC can provide members with protocol and etiquette assistance, translation and interpreting services, and cross-cultural support.

This service includes:

  • Identifying and providing referrals and contacts.
  • Setting up appointments and meetings for SC-member presentations.
  • Making introductions to key Asian buyers in requested industries.
  • Business Receptions.